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Do you use Accelerated Christian Education curriculum? Did you ever have a PACE test that you felt was poorly written? or have a student try to convince you that the score-key was wrong? Or did you ever have a concept that you just didn’t “get”? (How about significant digits in Physical Science 1109? or the EYE Absolute Advantage problem in Economics?)

After six years of being a student using PACES and 30 years as a Teacher (a.k.a. “supervisor”) in both a traditional Christian school and an ACE school, I know the strengths and weaknesses of the program. I want to help students identify potholes and avoid them or fill them so that they have a smoother path to success with their PACES.

What you will find here:

  • Resources for specific PACES and content
  • Explanations for difficult concepts
  • Tips for studying for tests (explanation)
  • Answers to questions posed by supervisors, parents, and students
  • Tim’s Top Ten Tips for Teaching Teen Testosterone”  — suggestions for moms homeschooling teen boys
This site is not owned or operated by ACE . . . it is a “support group,” if you will, for current users of the ACE curriculum. The idea is for users to post questions and answers, suggest lessons that need more explanation, and post videos with helpful lessons. The more schools, homeschoolers, and teachers get involved, the more valuable this site will become over time. As moderator, my role is to get something up and running and keep posting what others contribute, approve comments, etc. I would love to hear from you!
Moderator, Timothy Anger

We would like to see this site grow through wide participation to be a trusted source of valuable resources. Any suggestions, questions, or ideas you have are welcome!

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